Specialists in petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry since 2005

In Business since early 2005 as a sole proprietorship, Sesa was born from the cooperation of men coming from different lines of business who, with their broad professional background, guarantee Sesa a team with the proper technical-professional skills.

Thanks to the reliability shown to the companies it collaborated with, and to the trust gained from its clients, it owns since 2006 a 400 m² plant.

Having become an established entity for engineering and iron & steel industries, through the acquisition of new, important work orders Sesa undertakes an investment plan aimed at the continuous improvement of its own company profile.

Each company has its own unmistakable image that reflects in many forms of expression and aspects, but good stays only what keeps on improving.

  • Sesa starts the procedure for the acquisition of an integrated management system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2006 standards.
  • The company undertakes the procedure for the acquisition of the ISO 38342:2006 certification.
  • It commits itself to a new investment phase aimed at:
    • The acquisition of new equipment (submerged arc, welding manipulator);
    • The enlargement of the offices through the placement of new partners.
  • Having the intention of increasing the quality standards, Sesa starts a new partner selection process:
    • Design studios;
    • Non-destructive testing companies;
    • Material suppliers
  • It increases the share capital from € 80.000 to € 150.000.
  • It gets certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard and certifies many welding procedures: at present Sesa prides itself with 20 welding processes certified both EN ISO and ASME.
  • It establishes collaborations with engineering and design studios, working on the realization of prototypes for third party work.
  • Sesa invests resources for new equipment and management systems.
  • It starts an investment process aimed at:
    • Share capital increase from €30.000 to €80.000;
    • The realization of new company premises with annexed workshop on a 1500 m² area, 1000 of which are indoor.
  • The company turns into a limited liability company, with the present company name: Sesa Co. Im S.r.l